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Segment Designer: The solution to easily segment your audience in Salesforce Marketing Cloud

August 10, 2022
January 12, 2017

A non-technical Salesforce Marketing Cloud Solution

Are you using Salesforce Marketing Cloud but do not have sufficient technical knowledge to master SQL queries or filters? Then, the Segment Designer, one of the two tools of Activation Studio, is the ideal device for you! We developed it to make the process of targeting specific segments more efficient, less time consuming and easier.

Filters or SQL queries

When creating segments on SF Marketing Cloud, you can either use filters or SQL queries. This requires a high level of technical knowledge of the data model, which some marketers might not have or do not pursue to obtain. Thus, this challenge often leads to cooperation between the marketer and the IT team. The Segment Designer offers a more friendly workflow. Therefore, marketers can focus more on the campaign itself than on the technical aspects of building the segment. 

Our drag and drop segmentation solution for Salesforce Marketing Cloud

New Journey Builder campaign

Imagine an online women’s fashion brand wants to start a new journey for fashionable skirts in Marketing Cloud Journey Builder. With this campaign they want to target existing fashionistas between 25 and 35 years old. However, they particularly focus on already existing customers to have the highest probability on potential consumers. Without the Segment Designer, this would be a scenario some marketers would shy away from. However, with the included drag-and-drop system of our application, creating such a segment becomes no obstacle in a marketer’s journey anymore. Instead of using SQL or filters, the marketer only has to drag the criteria “age span of 25-35” and “existing customer” to one category in order to make one coherent segment.

More than just segmentation

It does not only provide the possibility of easily creating segments. After building the segment the marketer can create a journey, which consequently, can be tracked. It then assembles and evaluates the metrics of activities within the journey. After the creation of the journey the benchmark can be calculated and an objective in the journey can be determined as well. Due to the primary data gathered, the application shows the goal fulfillment of the journey.  

Thus, the segment designer does not only have the benefit of creating the segment. It likewise provides the opportunity of tracking the journey of this segment. Hence, you can gather and work with your first party data instead of relying on third-party data, which is currently the case.

Does this attract your interest? Then, find out more.

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