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What is Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

Digital marketing software from Salesforce

Marketing Cloud is a very powerful digital marketing automation platform from Salesforce. Including email marketing, social media marketing, mobile marketing, data management and journey building.

Digital Marketing Platform

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a digital marketing platform that offers multiple designers and builders. Offering a solution for marketers looking to create personalized, relevant and consistent campaigns on all your channels. SFMC makes it possible to get the most out of each interaction with your customer a prospect. 

What are the key components of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

Marketing Cloud Engagement

Create email campaigns with Email Studio. Manage your assets via Content Builder. Maintain your customer data model via Contact Builder. Design your multitouch campaigns with Journey Builder. Include Einstein recommendations and dynamic content in emails and on your website or Cloud Page. Manage you automations in Automation Studio.

Marketing Cloud Account Engagement

This tool used to called Pardot and is focused on B2B. Setup lead scoring rules, scoring categories and define marketing qualified leads (MQL). Setup engaging nurture programs and share leads with the sales team working in Sales Cloud (SQL). Improve you sales cycle and your opportunity conversion rate. Learn more about Marketing Cloud vs Pardot.

Customer Data Platform

Capture, unify and activate data via Salesforce CDP. Create a unified customer profile by connecting the dots. Create a single source of truth. With Salesforce Genie, Salesforce created a CDP that can process data in real-time, so your information is always up-to-date.

Marketing Cloud Intelligence

Datorama is an analytics tool created by and for marketers. A light version is included in Marketing Cloud engagement and a standalone version is available for collecting marketing data from all different sources, like Facebook, Google Analytics, etc. Easily create and share reports and branded dashboards outside Marketing Cloud, and across your organization.

Marketing Cloud Personalization

Formerly know as Evergage and Interaction Studio, now rebranded as Marketing Cloud Personalization. A real time personalization and interaction management solution. Include website personalization with email campaigns. Include dynamic content and next best actions in promotions online. Interaction Studio’s Einstein powered AI will help you deliver personalized experiences at any point in their cross-channel journey.

Marketing Cloud Advertising

Formerly know as Advertising Studio and before that as Buddy Media, the world’s leading social media marketing platform for advertisers. Easily built advertising audiences and lookalikes. Use Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, or Audience Studio to engage with customers. Learn how Journey Builder and Ad Studio work together.

Activation Studio and Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

At its core Marketing Cloud offers numerous functionalities to create amazing campaigns. However, SFMC can be overwhelming and can have a steep learning curve. Activation Studio offers marketers a more straightforward workflow. Create segments via our drag and drop interface and compare benchmark statistics with your journey results.

Want to see Activation Studio in action?