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Score Designer for Marketing Cloud

June 8, 2022
January 12, 2017

When companies are looking for lead scoring and grading capabilities they first think about Pardot. Until now! We released a lead scoring solution that works in Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Combine any data and activate scored leads in Journey Builder.

Pardot versus Marketing Cloud

Lead scoring has never been part of Marketing Cloud. Companies looking for these capabilities mostly turn to Pardot. Missing the good parts of Marketing Cloud like Journey Builder and many more amazing designers and builders. Learn more about Pardot versus Marketing Cloud.

Similar to our Segment Designer, we wanted to create a user friendly way to include scoring rules within Marketing Cloud and make it easy to use these scores when creating segments for your campaigns.

Introducing Score Designer

Score Designer is now fully released and part of the Activation Studio.

  • Easily create one time and recurring scoring rules
  • Use positive and negative scores
  • Use any data available within Data Designer
  • Use scores to segment audiences

Want to know more. Learn everything about lead scoring and Score Designer here.