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Lead scoring Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Scoring rules and tags for Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Create scoring rules and tags within Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Calculate scores per subscriber and engage them within Activation Studio Score Designer in a relevant and timely manner.

  • Data Designer & Data Extension Integration
  • User Friendly Drag & Drop Segmentation
  • Save Time &
    launch Journeys in half the time
  • Lead Scoring Rules, Web Tracking & More
  • No-Code add-on Salesforce Marketing Cloud

View all scoring rules

Navigate to Score Designer to view current and active scoring rules. You can see the one time or recurring score and the unique count of subscribers who have triggered the score.

Create one time scoring rule

All data available in Contact Builder via Data Designer can be used to create scoring rules. Use Salesforce Sales Cloud Opportunity data or Service Cloud Case data to update the total score. Or combine this data with system Data Views data. You can setup a scoring rule that calculates one time based on the criteria or a rule to trigger per occurrence.

Create recurring lead score Salesforce

If you need to score a lead every time something happens, you can use the recurring scoring rule. This works well with for example pageviews, downloads, email opens en clicks.

When setting up a recurring scoring rule you can use criteria within that object. 

Use lead scores in Segment Designer

A score is calculated per unique subscriber and is made available within Segment Designer. Use the calculated score to segment your audience and combine scores with any other data object within your data model.

How to use lead score in Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

Having a lead score per subscriber in Salesforce Marketing Cloud is valuable. Lead scoring rules can be configured in Activation Studio Score Designer and used for segmentation and within the Journey Builder. Consequently, it improves lead management in Salesforce Marketing Cloud. 

Using lead score and lead scoring rules in Marketing Cloud (SFMC)

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