Lead scoring Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Scoring rules and tags for Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Create scoring rules and tags within Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Calculate scores per subscriber and engage them within Activation Studio Score Designer in a relevant and timely manner.

Create one time scoring rule

All data available in Contact Builder via Data Designer can be used to create scoring rules. Use Salesforce Sales Cloud Opportunity data or Service Cloud Case data to update the total score. Or combine this data with system Data Views data. You can setup a scoring rule that calculates one time based on the criteria or a rule to trigger per occurrence.

Create recurring score

If you need to score a lead every time something happens, you can use the recurring scoring rule. This works well with for example pageviews, downloads, email opens en clicks.

When setting up a recurring scoring rule you can use criteria within that object. 

Use scores in Segment Designer

A score is calculated per unique subscriber and is made available within Segment Designer. Use the calculated score to segment your audience and combine scores with any other data object within your data model.

Want to see Activation Studio and
Score Designer in action?

Segment Designer: The solution to easily segment your audience in Salesforce Marketing Cloud

August 10, 2022
A non-technical Salesforce Marketing Cloud Solution Are you using Salesforce Marketing Cloud but do not have sufficient technical knowledge to master SQL queries or filters? Then, the Segment Designer, one of the two tools of Activation Studio, is the ideal device for you! We developed it to make the process of targeting specific segments more […]

Score Designer for Marketing Cloud

June 8, 2022
When companies are looking for lead scoring and grading capabilities they first think about Pardot. Until now! We released a lead scoring solution that works in Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Combine any data and activate scored leads in Journey Builder. Pardot versus Marketing Cloud Lead scoring has never been part of Marketing Cloud. Companies looking for […]

Field configuration target data extension

February 22, 2022
Included in the current release is the option to add fields to your target data extension. After creating your segment within Segment Designer you can now choose to add fields already in your segment criteria (grayed out), fields from Marketing Cloud system data views and add fields from other data extensions available in the Attribute […]

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