Data Designer

Data Designer

How does Marketing Cloud know how to link all the data together? That’s something you can manage with Data Designer. Data Designer is a powerful tool within Marketing Cloud that links data together by using relationships between the data sets.

What is the Data Designer?

The Data Designer tool in Contact Builder defines, organizes, and relates information to contacts within your Marketing Cloud instance. All contact information resides on subscriber lists and data extensions contained in Marketing Cloud account. Data Designer enables you to manage how data extensions store that information and how those data extensions relate to each other. For example, based on one-to-many or many-to-one relationships.

What is the Contact Builder?

Contact Builder allows you to view the information stored in your account regarding a person as a single contact record. That record stores information related only to that contact. This information includes attributes such as the first and last names of the contact, a mobile number, or an email address. It’s also possible to create your own Attribute Groups relating any data extension to the data model.

What are Attribute Groups?

Attribute groups collect several data extensions into a single entity for use in organizing and interacting with contact information. Each attribute group can contain multiple data extensions, and each data extension can include multiple attributes. You can link data extensions to the contact record or different data extensions, including data extensions from other attribute groups.

You can easily add your own Attribute Groups. You can for example link product feed data to transactions, include demographic data to contacts or import BI insights and relate them certain groups or contacts.

How does this work with Activation Studio?

Activation Studio uses the Data Designer and all relationships to visualize the Attribute groups when creating a segment or scoring rule. This way users can use the same relationships when filtering within a Journey and when designing a segment. Newly added Attribute Groups will automatically added to Activation Studio.

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