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Field configuration target data extension

February 22, 2022
January 12, 2017

Included in the current release is the option to add fields to your target data extension. After creating your segment within Segment Designer you can now choose to add fields already in your segment criteria (grayed out), fields from Marketing Cloud system data views and add fields from other data extensions available in the Attribute Groups within the Data Designer of Marketing Cloud.

Step 1: design your segment via our visual drag and drop Segment Designer

Step 2: choose if you want to overwrite or use the update data action

Step 3: optionally choose a data retention policy

Step 4: choose fields to be included in your target data extension

You can choose to have the value of the field to be included or use a SUM, AVG or COUNT function. For example;

  • have the sum value of all transaction values
  • have the average transaction value of all transactions
  • have the count of the email sends

To include a value related to an object that has a one-to-many relationship, you need to determine how you want to order your data. For example; if you want the invoice number of a specific transaction, you need to choose an attribute to order the data. In this case you could choose a date field to order the data and include the most recent transaction.

View the video below to see how this works in Segment Designer.

Configure fields to be included in the target data extension