New in Activation Studio

Wk 23 2022

Segment Designer
Make paths in drop field clickable to open attribute set in attributeList
Create limitations in AttributeList when making one-to-many relation score
Integrate Score Designer score per subscriber via Attribute Groups
Show what data view the user is currently using
Create warning when exiting DesignSegment without saving

Score Designer
Score Designer v1 (live)
View score rules in list
Search in score rules
Order scoring rules based on status
See unique row count
Re-run score calculation
Add one time score
Add recurring score
See the description of the rule 
Design tooltips
Multiple bug fixes

Interaction Designer
Interaction Designer v0.91 (testing)

Better error logging

Wk 17 2022

Segment Designer
Extended field search
Remember grouping per added field to target DE

Score Designer
Score Designer v0.9 (testing)

Interaction Designer
Interaction Designer v0.9 (testing)

Better error logging

Wk 13 2022

Segment Designer
Bug fixes

Score Designer
Score Designer v0.3 (testing)

Interaction Designer
Interaction Designer v0.3 (testing)


Wk 9 2022

Segment Designer
Multiple bug fixes

Score Designer
Score Designer v0.2 (staging)
Scoring tags
Scoring tiers

Interaction Designer
Interaction Designer v0.2 (staging)
Conversion interactions

Wk 4 2022

Segment Designer
Data View integration
Add additional fields data extension
Add counts, avg and sum fields data extension
Pull unique values fields

Score Designer
Score Designer v0.1 (staging)

Interaction Designer
Interaction designer v0.1 (staging)

Wk 52 2021

Segment Designer
Journey Builder integration
Benchmark metrics
Journey metrics

Wk 48 2021

Segment Designer
Date and int/number type field actions
Data retention policy

Profile attribute filtering Business unit
Refresh cache

wk 43 2021

Segment Designer
Drag-and-drop segment designer
Data Designer integration
Automation segment refresh
Overwrite/update data actions
Search field attributes
Search field segments
Sorting segments
Count subscribers segment

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