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New in Activation Studio

Wk 15 2024

Activation Studio v5.5.1
Altered interaction counter information to be calculated per day

Wk 13 2024

Activation Studio v5.5.0
Added improved error handling
Added logs page to segment designer
New layout segment designer
Improvements on UI

Wk 7 2024

Activation Studio v5.4.0
Improved validation on date fields for the filterbuilder
Improved the scoring tag validation

Wk 4 2024

Activation Studio v5.3.0
Added a check for ‘save as draft’  button for active and ready score

Wk 2 2024

Activation Studio v5.2.2
Fixed an issue where new business units were not installable
Fixed a bug which resulted in missing data extensions for Score Designer during install

Wk 52 2023

Activation Studio v5.2.1
Fixed list rendering issues in Interaction Designer 
Prevent undesired effect when scrolling within list views 

Wk 47 2023

Activation Studio v5.1.0
Added scoring tags
Added unmanaged Salesforce core package for score and interaction designer
Enhanced support for exclusion/ inclusion lists
Improved scoring designer list view
Changed data type for score fields for easier Salesforce Integration

Wk 42 2023

Activation Studio v5.0.1
Added the possibility to collaps nested folders
Improved stability
Removed security vulnerabilities

WK 39 2023

Activation Studio v5.0.0
Improved error handling
Quicker refresh scores handler
improved score data extensions creation
improved creation of score row count data extension 
Fixed a bug where roles and permission could not be altered

Wk 35 2023

Activation Studio v4.1.2
Fixed missing escaping of sql for aggregate where fields
Fixed add user and role button disablements

Wk 34 2023

Activation Studio v4.1.0
Improved guides for connecting interaction tags
Better handling for incomplete Setup

Wk 34 2023

Activation Studio v4.0.0
Improved User Interface for creating segments and scoring rules
Faster and more stable SQL
Improved messages on wrong field configurations
Fixed a bug where duplication of segments went wrong

Wk 27 2023

Activation Studio v3.5.0
Extended data views support
Replaced location of data views in segment and score designer
Lowered data transfer size from front-end to back-end
Fixed a bug where folderlist was not scrollable

Wk 27 2023

Activation Studio v3.4.1
Fixed an UI bug thrown in edge cases
Improved the demo views for disabled modules
Fixed an issue where the data field type was not changed to number on count, avg, sum

Wk 23 2023

Activation Studio v3.4.0
GUI improvements
Improved the tooltips with additional information links

Wk 21 2023

Activation Studio v3.3.0
GUI improvements
Extra information on linking on non-PK within Contact Builder
Increased dropzones for filter groups
Several bug fixes

Wk 17 2023

Activation Studio v3.2.1
GUI improvements
Only users with access to the Business Unit are shown for user and role management
Retrieving journey metrics is improved
Several bug fixes

Wk 16 2023

Activation Studio v3.2.0
Filter segments, scores and interactions based on the creator
Added more user-friendly messages
Added explanation when connecting data extensions
Several bug fixes

Wk 14 2023

Activation Studio v3.1.0
Possibility to use data extensions in Segment Designer
Enhanced preview of data extensions and possible data within data extension fields
Improved search functionality 
Several bug fixes

Wk 14 2023

Activation Studio v3.0.4
Fixed several UI bugs
Modals are dynamically showing a scroll bar and scale to your screen
Current version of Activation Studio is shown in settings

Wk 13 2023

Activation Studio v3.0.3
A bug is fixed where the interaction date is shown three times
A bug is fixed where segments being duplicated were relocated towards the root folder
A new Activation Studio logo is added

Wk 09 2023

Activation Studio v3.0.0
Added folder functionality to:
– – Segment Designer
– – Score Designer
– – Interaction Designer
Functionality to create Folders.
Added functionality, so you can drag and drop items and folders in to folders.
Move to functionality in the item menu.
Functionality when deleting folders, the items in the folder are moved to the parent folder.
Permissions to edit/create/move folders are based on your permission in the designer your working on.

Wk 02 2023

Activation Studio
Free trial and setup wizard introduced
Multiple security improvements
Better session management

Wk 52 2022

Activation Studio
Added roles & rights management
Multiple bug fixes
UX and performance improvements

Wk 48 2022

Activation Studio
Multiple bug fixes
Better session management
Added setup wizard for new instances

Wk 43 2022

Activation Studio
Added subscription management
Easily purchase more interactions, scoring rules and or automated segments

Wk 39 2022

Activation Studio
Multiple bug fixes

Release v1.0 Interaction Designer
Multiple bug fixes

Wk 35 2022

Activation Studio
Design/UX overhaul
Use of modals to improve workflow in all designers
Better sorting options in overview
See average sends per segment
Multiple bug fixes and stability improvements

Release v1.0 Interaction Designer
Create and activate tags to capture interactions
Generate TPL file for easy GTM import
Use interactions in Score Designer
Use interactions in Segment Designer
Add multiple websites

Wk 23 2022

Segment Designer
Make paths in drop field clickable to open attribute set in attributeList
Create limitations in AttributeList when making one-to-many relation score
Integrate Score Designer score per subscriber via Attribute Groups
Show what data view the user is currently using
Create warning when exiting DesignSegment without saving

Score Designer
Score Designer v1 (live)
View score rules in list
Search in score rules
Order scoring rules based on status
See unique row count
Re-run score calculation
Add one time score
Add recurring score
See the description of the rule 
Design tooltips
Multiple bug fixes

Interaction Designer
Interaction Designer v0.91 (testing)

Better error logging

Wk 17 2022

Segment Designer
Extended field search
Remember grouping per added field to target DE

Score Designer
Score Designer v0.9 (testing)

Interaction Designer
Interaction Designer v0.9 (testing)

Better error logging

Wk 13 2022

Segment Designer
Bug fixes

Score Designer
Score Designer v0.3 (testing)

Interaction Designer
Interaction Designer v0.3 (testing)


Wk 9 2022

Segment Designer
Multiple bug fixes

Score Designer
Score Designer v0.2 (staging)
Scoring tags
Scoring tiers

Interaction Designer
Interaction Designer v0.2 (staging)
Conversion interactions

Wk 4 2022

Segment Designer
Data View integration
Add additional fields data extension
Add counts, avg and sum fields data extension
Pull unique values fields

Score Designer
Score Designer v0.1 (staging)

Interaction Designer
Interaction designer v0.1 (staging)

Wk 52 2021

Segment Designer
Journey Builder integration
Benchmark metrics
Journey metrics

Wk 48 2021

Segment Designer
Date and int/number type field actions
Data retention policy

Profile attribute filtering Business unit
Refresh cache

wk 43 2021

Segment Designer
Drag-and-drop segment designer
Data Designer integration
Automation segment refresh
Overwrite/update data actions
Search field attributes
Search field segments
Sorting segments
Count subscribers segment

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