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Activation Studio for SFMC

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What our clients say about Activation Studio

We have been working with Activation Studio for a couple of months now, but we wouldn’t want to work without it anymore. This app is a great solution for marketeers who want to segment their target audiences and target their communication. The tool is very clear and user friendly.

Activation Studio has an easy interface, compared to SFMC a refreshing approach. The amount of time I’m saving to create segments is amazing, went from days to minutes. Lead scoring & ranking is a brilliant feature that activation studio brings. Sounds like an easy capability, but SFMC does not have lead scoring out of the box.

Because of Activation studio, I can focus on the fun stuff. Activation Studio helps me make my campaigns more effective and makes it super easy for me to create segments.

Marketing Cloud Developer // Digital Designer // Freelance Manon L.

This segmentation tool makes it easy to create complex database combinations with no code / write SQL queries. Which means that everybody in the online marketing team should be able to create advanced segmentations by use the drag-and-drop function. Next to this, the tool saves you hours of work.

The tool is very clear and user friendly and saves a lot of time in creating segments, without the need for SQL knowledge.

Creating segments for marketing journeys is incredibly easy with Activation Studio. No database/query skills are needed to use this tools. The lead scoring filter improves the effectiveness of my segments significantly.

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Explore all features that make Activation Studio amazing.

Features Audience
Segment Designer
Drag ‘n drop selection interface    
Save time making segments for Journey Builder    
All data available Data Designer / Attribute Groups for selections  
Add custom fields to target data extension    
View unique values when creating segment    
Edit, duplicate and delete queries    
Save queries as draft or run directly    
Start journey directly from Segment Designer    
See benchmark metrics vs journey metrics    
Automate refresh segment    
Roles & rights management
Interaction Designer
Collect behavioral data via flexible tracking mechanism    
Manage collected data from within Marketing Cloud    
Easily export tags for Google Tag Manager    
Include tracked interactions within Segment Designer and Score Designer    
Score Designer
Create scoring rules based on all data available in Data Designer    
Include behavioral data Interaction tracker    
Manage and edit scoring rules    
Automated calculations of score per contact in Marketing Cloud    
Sales or Service Cloud unmanaged Package
Include behavioral data Interaction Designer In Salesforce  
Include scores and scroring tags in Salesforce  
Limitations and pricing
# segments unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
# automated segments upgrade to unlimted
for € 100 pm/per BU
25 n/a n/a 25
# stored interactions n/a n/a 100.000 100.000
# scoring rules upgrade to unlimted
for € 100 pm/per BU
n/a 25 n/a 25
# SFMC Orgs 1 1 1 1
# Business Units 1 1 1 1
Starting at € 350 € 200 € 300 € 750
Price per additional automation per month € 10 n/a n/a € 10
Price per additional 10k stored interactions per month n/a n/a € 50 € 50
Price per additional scoring rule per month n/a € 4 n/a € 4
Care Package (incl 4 in depth sessions with our Marketing Cloud experts)optional € 1.500 € 1.500 € 1.500 unlimited

Frequently Asked

What about security, privacy and reliability?

At Activation Studio, we’re committed to ensuring the security, privacy, and reliability of our Salesforce Marketing Cloud application. Our trust page outlines our efforts to maintain and continuously improve our application’s trustworthiness.

Is there a Sales or Service Cloud integration available?

Yes, we offer an unmanaged package which can be installed in Sales and Service Cloud and works on the Lead and Contact object.

What ROI can I expect?

Time saved on creating SQL is huge. Time better spent on creating amazing campaigns and customer experiences. On average marketers spent around 8 hours per week creating SQL. Segment Designer saves 60-80% of the time spent on creating segments.

What is the pricing model?

The pricing is based on the license and the amount of business units. We don’t charge you for the amount of users. 

Also, Non-Profits get a discount. 

Is there a free trial available?

We offer a 30 day free trial, but are happy to provide a demo. Contact us for more information. Also checkout our online interactive product demo.

Can I upgrade my subscription later?

You can upgrade your license at any time. Contact us for more information.

What if I’m only interested in one feature from a different plan?

Customized plans are available if you contact us via sales.

What support do you offer?

We offer technical support in combination with all licenses. So if something breaks or doesn’t work as expected, we will fix this.

We also offer deep dive sessions for your marketing team if you want to get some tips and tricks given by our Marketing Cloud experts. 

Are there hidden costs?

No. Before we start the license will be clear and also limitations. You can always upgrade or downgrade your license.

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