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Tracking consumer behavior in Marketing Cloud

Written by: Sander Hof
August 29, 2022
January 12, 2017

Currently, Salesforce Marketing Cloud offers the possibility of capture web events in Salesforce Marketing Cloud via Einstein or behavioral triggers. Both options have their positive and negative aspects. We wanted to develop a flexible way for marketers to use interactions in Marketing Cloud.

The newest tool of Activation Studio, Interaction Designer, makes this attainable! This functionality offers the benefit of obtaining first-party data instead of being reliable on third parties concerning consumer data. According to Google’s changes to its privacy and transparency control, collecting primary data becomes increasingly crucial. Furthermore, the Interaction Designer complements the two existing tools of Activation Studio, Segment Designer and Score Designer. Thus, it likewise connects all tools with each other.

Introducing Interaction Designer

Interaction Designer collects behavioral data of website visitors via a flexible tracking mechanism by creating and activating tags in order to obtain interactions. It is possible to track the data of multiple websites at the same time. After defining the interactions, you can establish journeys in Salesforce Marketing Cloud to continue these interactions. The collected data can be controlled and supervised from within Marketing Cloud.

Interaction Designer as complementing tool to Segment- and Score Designer

The tracked interactions can be used in Segment Designer and Score Designer. The marketer can make use of Score Designer by utilizing collected data of Interaction Designer instead of using already existing data within Salesforce Marketing Cloud. You can create scoring rules based on the data of Interaction Designer. Consequently, you can build segments based on these interactions and scoring rules. Thus, the marketer can stimulate the purchase process by targeting the leads personalized on their interaction rate with the product or website.

Imagining a bag company: A lead who already engaged several times with the newest women’s backpack, should receive more and relevant emails about this specific bag than a lead who generally starts engaging with the brand. 

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