Drag and drop segmentation Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Alternative SQL queries Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Creating segments in Marketing Cloud can be time consuming and demands SQL knowledge. Activation Studio offers an alternative to SQL queries and activities. As a marketer you want to focus on creating engaging campaigns.

View all segments

View all segments created including the status of the segment. Easily start creating a new segment or edit an existing one.

Start designing a segment

View and use all Attribute Groups available within Data Designer. Newly added Attribute Groups will automatically be added. Easily navigate and search related objects and fields.

Drag-and-drop segmentation interface

Use our drag-and-drop segmentation for Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Drag fields necessary for the segment into your segment criteria. Nesting sub selections is possible. Use field type specific filters. For example use anniversary off (date) or sum/average (number and int).

Configure Data Extension

Use update or overwrite actions for you your data extension. Also choose if you want to use a data retention policy.

Add custom fields target data extension

Add any fields to you target data extension. You can use any object that is also available in the Data Designer. Including the system data views. Directly see the status of your freshly created segment. Also if there is an error. Easily filter for active or draft segments.

Benchmark metrics

After creating the segment the benchmark metrics for the specific segment will be calculated. View your segment specific benchmark metrics. Average open, click, bounce and unsubscribe rate are included.

Automate your segment

Automate you segment hourly, daily, weekly or yearly.

Start your Journey

Directly create a Journey Builder campaign from this interface. We will link the correct data extension and will store the link between the journey and the segment.

Journey results

After running the Journey the Journey metrics are calculated and shown versus the benchmark metrics.

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