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Never use SQL Activities in Marketing Cloud again

Written by: Sander Hof
November 19, 2021
January 12, 2017

Creating segments in Marketing Cloud can be time consuming and often demands SQL knowledge. Activation Studio offers an alternative to SQL queries and activities. As a marketer you want to focus on creating engaging campaigns.

People who have experience in Marketing Cloud there are a few ways to segment your data. All of which have their pros and cons. Too simple, too complex or too expensive.

  • Data filter in Email Studio (simple)
  • An activity in Automation Studio (complex)
  • Audience Builder (expensive)

Activation Studio offers an alternative for the above for marketers who are looking for an easy to use, time saving and extensive segmentation solution Salesforce for Marketing Cloud. Learn more about our drag-and-drop Segment Designer.

What is a SQL Activity?

Using SQL in Marketing Cloud is done via an activity that retrieves data extension or data view information matching your criteria, then includes that information in a data extension. You use SQL to create the query you use in the query activity. These activities can be used in Automation Studio to create sequential processes. Learn more about SQL Activities in Marketing Cloud.