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Email Studio
Salesforce Marketing Cloud

When wanting to send personalized emails, complex campaigns, basic newsletters or promotional messages to your audience, Email Studio could be an adequate device for you as a marketer. Not only the consignment of a message is conceivable but automating it and tracking and optimizing the performance is available as well. 

E-mail Studio in Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salesforce is a cloud-based software company that contributes Customer Relationship Management services. It is particularly represented in industries/departments like support, sales and marketing. Salesforce makes, a facilitated connection with partners, customers and leads possible with thanks to cloud technology. The main advantages Salesforce provides its users is an improved time management, accessibility from everywhere, increased profit, improved customer satisfaction, elementary account planning, trusted reporting and enhanced team cooperation. Salesforce offers several cloud services: Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Analytics Cloud, loT Cloud, App Cloud and Service Cloud. 

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is especially relevant for marketing practices. With this application marketers can manage emails, run campaigns, manage social media, send messages, organize content management and data analytics. In order to manage the emails, the marketer can use the installed tool on SF Marketing Cloud: E-mail Studio.

What is E-mail Studio in Salesforce?

Email Studio is an application of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, which is responsible for simply creating emails, automating segments and systematically targeting these. It does offer several modules which all facilitate the process of creating and sending emails to the company’s audience. More details about the tools and its features will be discussed later on. 

Why choose Salesforce Email Studio?

Marketers should choose Email Studio due to the simple way of creating emails, which does not include coding. The drag-and-drop blocks make this process accessible for non-technical marketers as well. Consequently, the communication to the target audience becomes simplified. Thus, a direct and loyal relationship with the customers can be achieved in a more facilitated way. This is also due to the fact that marketers can quickly respond to the needs of their customers due to templates and automation. Besides, the fact of, sharing email content across several social media channels and observing these analytics, provides a substantial functionality. The reach expands and the activation can directly be evaluated in order to respond immediately to the market.

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What can you do with Email Studio?

With Email Studio, the creation of personalized emails, newsletter, campaigns or promotional messages to target groups, are achievable. This communication with the customer can be automized with Email Studio and the right message can be send at the correct moment, adapted to the consumer’s journey. Next to targeting and activating leads, Email Studio can likewise categorise the audience and automatize these segments. Email Studio has several different tools which all contribute to the simplification of segmenting the audience, and creating and sending personalized campaigns to the target segment in Marketing Cloud:

Content Builder

This tool aids the creation of customizable and mobile-friendly emails due to a drag-and-drop system which facilitates the establishment of email and newsletter templates. Next to using the drag-and-drop system, marketers can choose to create email templates with codes as well. Content Builder likewise serves as central storage place of all material and documents within Email Studio. 

Social Forward

Social Forward is responsible for the direct connection of Email Studio to social media channels. Thus, subscribers can send email content to followers on their socials and to other connections. This feature also allows the tracking of social media clicks of the emails and the related page views.

Tracking report

In this tool, the marketer views several analytics like clicks, email opens and undeliverable messages. Based on data views Marketing Cloud, subscriber lists can be generated. The tracking data can be downloaded and shared across departments.

Einstein AI

Einstein AI is a built-in artificial intelligence, which enhances email engagement. Marketers can choose to incorporate it into a platform to forecast the consumers demand. Hence, they can adapt to their needs in order to deliver the right content at the right moment. Einstein AI also suggest data-driven content to improve the relation to audiences.

A/B Testing

A/B Testing provides the opportunity to test a campaign on two audiences to compare the communication with both. Users of Email Studio can track journey metrics and compare which audience has the highest clicks and CTR.

Activation Studio integrations with Salesforce

As previously mentioned, Email Studio can automate segments to make sure the customer get reached at the correct time in their journey with the adequate message. Activation Studio aids creating these segments with the Segment Designer. With the non-technical, marketer friendly drag-and-drop system, marketers can simply establish segments with various criteria and characteristics. With aid of the Interaction Designer, these segments can be created based on behavioral customer data selected by this designer. Hence, even more precise segments can be automated within Email Studio. Furthermore, the Score Designer judges customers’ interactions and gives specific scores, which can be determined with the scoring rule beforehand. Based on these, Salesforce lead management is simplified.  The marketer knows the engagement level of the leads with the brand and can conclude what kind of message the lead needs to fully engage and buy the product, and when this message is required. Thus, this can be installed and automated in Email Studio. Consequently, the created emails in Content Builder, can be send more precisely at the right time and to the right people. Finally, marketers can track these journeys with Activation Studio. The metrics of the emails sent will be collected in Activation Studio and due to data views Marketing Cloud,the success of the journey can be evaluated.

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