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Introducing roles & rights for Activation Studio

Written by: Sander Hof
January 24, 2023
January 12, 2017

We are pleased to inform you that new roles, rights, and authorization capabilities will be available to our users. Users will have more control over their data and who may access it thanks to this new functionality.

This new feature’s ability to allow users to designate particular responsibilities to various team members is one of its key benefits. For instance, a user can designate one team member as the “admin” and another as the “editor.” The editor will only be able to utilize a portion of the platform’s data and functionalities, but the admin will be able to use all of them. This makes it possible for the team to manage data in a safer and more effective manner.

The option to grant several users with various degrees of permissions is another benefit of this new functionality. One user could provide one team member the ability to “see” data while granting another the ability to “edit.” This makes it possible to have more precise control over data access and functioning.

More flexibility in user administration is also made possible by this new feature. It is now simple for users to add or remove team members from particular roles and permissions, making it simple to manage the team as necessary.

For our users, the new roles, rights, and authorization capabilities in Activation Studio is revolutionary. It enables additional data control, user management flexibility, and a safe and effective method of handling data within the team. We are interested to see how our users can improve their workflows and get better outcomes with this new functionality.