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Why Activation Studio?

Boost Marketing Cloud efficiency

If you are a Marketing Cloud AE, you know that you are dealing with the best marketing automation platform in the market. 

At the same time, Marketing Cloud is not the easiest platform to sell.

There are certain aspects of Marketing Cloud that can make it harder to win deals against some competitors.

In some deals, customers can look at cheaper competitors and think that they are “good enough”. 

We want them to choose Marketing Cloud, and working together with Salesforce we are here to do what we can to convince them.

Available through:
Competing with Eloqua/Hubspot/Marketo
Moving from Pardot to MC
Super fast Time-To-Value
Avoid churn
Escape costly custom projects

What is Activation Studio?

Activation Studio is a certified Salesforce Marketing Cloud software Partner (ISV Partner)

Salesforce Marketing Cloud AEs get 15% revenue share, which means that if you are a Salesforce AE Activation Studio revenue is counted towards your quota

The solution is built natively within Salesforce Marketing Cloud, which means that data stays in Marketing Cloud, and never leaves


The Segment Designer for SFMC offers a visual drag ‘n drop interface to create segments for your journeys.


Start creating scoring rules and scoring tags based on any data in Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Scores are calculated per subscriber.


Define interaction types and start tracking video views, downloads, form abandonment, etc and start defining journeys to follow-up these interactions.

When is the right time to involve Activation Studio?

We are used to working with Salesforce teams, all around the world.

We know the rules of engagement, and we win deals together with Salesforce all the time.

We are happy to support you, whenever you think we are a good fit for your customers.

There are 4 cases where we think that Activation Studio becomes particularly useful for Salesforce to win more deals.

Use cases

Case 1: Competing with Eloqua/Hubspot/Marketo

Are you managing a competitive deal against Eloqua, Marketo or Hubspot? 

If that is the case, you know that these platforms, although inferior to Salesforce Marketing Cloud, offer some functionalities that are not offered out of the box by Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

This is why we developed Activation Studio, as the missing piece of the Marketing Cloud platform.

With no-code segmentation, website tracking and scoring, we can win any opportunity against the competition!

Last but not least, Activation Studio is very affordable! 

Case 2: Moving from Pardot/Eloqua/Hubspot/Marketo

In some cases, the customer wants to move from a less evolved marketing automation platform to Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

In this situation, by positioning Activation Studio you will be able to convince the customer to sign the deal faster.

They will be able to have all Activation Studio functionalities ready, out of the box. 

Case 3: Avoid churn

Some customers complain that they were expecting Marketing Cloud to be easier to use.

If you have customers who are struggling with Marketing Cloud adoption or productivity, Activation Studio is the tool that will allow them to get better results immediately, with a very small investment. 

They will be able to implement Marketing Cloud campaigns without relying on their technical team to segment their audience, thanks to Activation Studio no-code segmentation functionality.

This way, customers will be able to cut the time they need to implement their marketing campaigns.

Case 4: Escape costly custom projects

If a customer complains at the lack of web tracking and/or scoring, by using Activation Studio they will avoid expensive and difficult to maintain custom projects delivered by consulting partners.

These projects can also increase the risks of churn as the bespoke solution is quite often difficult to use.

  • Seamless integration with SFMC

  • All data stays safely in SFMC

  • ISO27001 certified & security reviewed external party

  • Available through Carahsoft

  • Free trial available

Salesforce personnel can install Activation Studio in their demo environment. Multiple Salesforce SEs already use Activation Studio in their demos, every day.

We offer a 30 day customer free trial
Book a demo with our team, to see how we can work together to win more deals!

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