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Why Activation Studio?

Boost Marketing Cloud efficiency

If you are a Marketing Cloud Partner, you know that the platform is very powerful.

You also know that at times it’s not easy for customers to use.

The consequence is that sometimes partners are forced to work with very operational projects to fill the gaps of Salesforce Marketing Cloud. This every so often leads to customers not being satisfied with the results of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud implementation.

We developed Activation Studio as the missing piece of Marketing Cloud, to provide no-code segmentation, website tracking and scoring within a single easy to use platform.

Available through:
  • Enrich your service offerings by implementing a new type of project
  • Generate more revenue, with value add services, plus referral fees
  • Super fast Time-To-Value
  • Provide great value to your customers
  • Differentiate your offering in RFP and RFI

What is Activation Studio?

Activation Studio is a certified Salesforce Marketing Cloud software Partner (ISV Partner). The solution is built natively within Salesforce Marketing Cloud, which means that data stays in Marketing Cloud, and never leaves.


The Segment Designer for SFMC offers a visual drag ‘n drop interface to create segments for your journeys.


Start creating scoring rules and scoring tags based on any data in Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Scores are calculated per subscriber.


Define interaction types and start tracking video views, downloads, form abandonment, etc and start defining journeys to follow-up these interactions.

What are the advantages for your customers?

Activation Studio is a certified Salesforce Marketing Cloud software Partner (ISV Partner). The solution is built natively within Salesforce Marketing Cloud, which means that data stays in Marketing Cloud, and never leaves.


More of your customers’ users will be able to effectively use Marketing Cloud.

This means that your consultants can focus on offering strategic guidance and value add services, instead of mere operational support.

Technically, Activation Studio is very easy to use for the customer.

How to use segmentation, web tracking and scoring to drive business results is where your company can make a difference for your customers.


Using Activation Studio, your customers’ Marketing Cloud team will be able to implement more targeted campaigns, with more personalized content.

The overall result is the optimization of Campaign Performance in Marketing Cloud, with a better conversion rate and a higher ROMI (Return On Marketing Investment).

Again, if technically this is easy to achieve, it’s how to get there where your consultancy’s role will be critical.

When is the right time to consider Activation Studio?

Activation Studio can be useful to any Marketing Cloud customer, in any situation.

However, there are 4 cases where we see that Activation Studio becomes an essential tool.

Use cases

Case 1: Your customer is not satisfied with Marketing Cloud Adoption and Campaigns Results

You implemented Marketing Cloud, but your customer is not happy with how the solution is used, and the results they are achieving with Marketing Cloud campaigns.

Some users complain, saying that the platform is not as easy to use as expected.

Marketing needs to rely on technical teams to segment the audience.

Implementing a new campaign takes too much time, with technical teams becoming a bottleneck.

For web tracking and scoring, you can implement a custom solution, which then becomes hard to use for customers and even harder to maintain for your consultancy.

Activation Studio is the answer to this, with No-Code Segmentation, Web Tracking and Scoring within a single, easy to use platform, built on top of Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Case 2: The customer is looking for a CDP, but they don’t have the time and resources to implement it right now

Activation Studio is a stepping stone to a fully-fledged CDP, like Salesforce Data Cloud.

Activation Studio becomes a lightweight CDP, where the customer’s marketing team will be managing data, logics, and everything they need to run their Marketing Cloud Campaigns.

This way, your customer will be ready in the future to implement a more demanding CDP project, when the time comes. 

Case 3: The customer wants to better personalize Marketing Cloud campaigns, but they don’t have the budget for Salesforce Personalization

Activation Studio becomes a stepping stone for Salesforce Personalization.

Activation Studio provides a simple tool for your Marketing Cloud team to easily personalize marketing campaigns. Activation Studio is implemented immediately, and works out of the box. It’s how to personalize campaigns to get business results, where your consultancy can support your customer with value add services.

Case 4: Moving from, or competing with Pardot/Eloqua/Hubspot/Marketo

Is the customer currently using Pardot, Eloqua, Marketo or Hubspot, and they want to move to Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

In this situation, positioning Marketing Cloud becomes harder.

The customer will miss some important functionalities, like no-code segmentation, website tracking, and scoring.

With Activation Studio, we can convince the customer to move to Marketing Cloud faster, and importantly, they will be happy with the final result.

  • Seamless integration with SFMC

  • All data stays safely in SFMC

  • ISO27001 certified & security reviewed external party

  • Available through Carahsoft

  • Free trial available

Do you want to know more about Activation Studio Partner Program?

Do you have a customer which may be interested in Activation Studio and wants to try it?

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