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Capturing web events Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Behavioral data and interactions Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Capture web events and activate within Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Collect interactions and behavior per subscriber and engage them within Activation Studio in a relevant and timely manner. 

Interaction Designer is out now!

  • Data Designer & Data Extension Integration
  • User Friendly Drag & Drop Segmentation
  • Save Time &
    launch Journeys in half the time
  • Lead Scoring Rules, Web Tracking & More
  • No-Code add-on Salesforce Marketing Cloud
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Add new website

Add a new website to start collecting interactions. You can add as many websites as you want.

Create new interaction

Add a new interaction. This can be a pageview, a video view, button click or anything else you can track on your website.

You can add unlimited variables to you tag. This makes it a very flexible solution to setup general tags that can be used for multiple applications. 

Export tag

You have different options to implement the tags to start collecting interactions. You can export a TPL file to import into your Google Tagmanager container, you can export the raw code and share it with your IT team or even use our endpoint to set up server to server connection.

Import tag Google Tag Manager

Use our TPL export functionality too easily import your tags into Google Tag Manager. These templates can be re-used for different tags with different triggers.

Configure tag Google Tag Manager

Use the our Google Tag Manager template to setup your tags in your container. Templates can be reused. You can for example use the same tag to configure different interactions with certain labels or dynamic values.

Use interactions for segmentation and/or scoring

The captured interactions are available in the Data Designer so you can use these interactions for segmentations and/or scoring rules. Interactions are stored separate from the variables so it is possible to alter your data or setup your own data extensions based on the interactions.

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