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Salesforce CDP

The Customer Data platform of Salesforce

Salesforce Customer Data Platform (CDP) is a powerful tool for businesses looking to better understand their customers. With CDP, you can collect and manage all of your customer data in one place, giving you a full picture of their actions, preferences, and interactions with your brand.

What is Salesforce CDP?

A single, unified view of a company’s customers may be created with the use of the Salesforce CDP platform. It enables you to compile and combine information from numerous sources, like your website, CRM, marketing automation, and more, to build a comprehensive client profile. This single customer profile is a crucial tool for organizations because it provides them with a comprehensive understanding of their clients, which can help with anything from tailored marketing to better customer service.
Salesforce Customer Data Platform CDP Marketing Cloud

Benefits of Salesforce CDP

There are a multitude of benefits to using Salesforce CDP for your business. Here are just a few:

  1. Better customer understanding: With a single customer profile, you can get a much deeper understanding of your customers and their behaviors. This can help you tailor your marketing efforts and provide a better customer experience overall.
  2. Increased efficiency: Instead of having to switch between different systems to get a complete view of a customer, you can have all of the data you need in one place with CDP. This can save time and increase efficiency for your team.
  3. Improved targeting: By having a complete understanding of your customers, you can create more targeted marketing campaigns that are more likely to be successful. This can lead to increased conversions and sales.
  4. Enhanced customer experience: With CDP, you can create personalized experiences for your customers based on their data and behaviors. This can lead to increased loyalty and satisfaction with your brand.
  5. Greater ROI: By using CDP to create targeted marketing campaigns and personalized experiences, you can see a greater return on investment from your marketing efforts.

How to Use Salesforce CDP

Using Salesforce CDP is relatively simple. Here’s how it works:

  1. Collect data: First, you’ll need to collect data from various sources, such as your website, CRM, and marketing automation tools.
  2. Integrate data: Next, you’ll need to integrate this data into a single customer profile using CDP.
  3. Analyze data: With all of your customer data in one place, you can use CDP to analyze it and gain insights into your customers’ behaviors and preferences.
  4. Take action: Based on the insights you gain from CDP, you can create targeted marketing campaigns and personalized experiences for your customers.


Salesforce CDP is a powerful tool for businesses looking to get a deeper understanding of their customers. With CDP, you can collect and manage all of your customer data in one place, giving you a comprehensive view of their behaviors, preferences, and interactions with your brand. This can lead to increased efficiency, improved targeting, enhanced customer experience, and greater ROI. If you’re looking to get a better understanding of your customers, Salesforce CDP is definitely worth considering.

Salesforce Genie?

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Want to see Activation Studio in action?

Activation Studio is a light weigh CDP for Salesforce Marketing Cloud and available on the AppExchange.

Salesforce CDP in comparison to Activation Studio

Salesforce CDP is very powerful and offers loads of functionality. Activation Studio is not an alternative to Salesforce CDP directly. However, it offers some capabilities that Salesforce CDP also covers. Activation Studio could be a stepping stone towards Salesforce Customer Data Platform.

Similar capabilities are for example:

  • Segmentation based on multiple clouds (data in Marketing Cloud and Sales/Service Cloud)
  • Scoring rules
  • Tracking web events based on known visitors

Activation Studio offers a lightweight alternative, but misses capabilities such as:

  • Personalization
  • Big data management
  • Identity stitching
  • Data ingestion
  • Identity resolution
  • Data processing
  • AI
  • Data syndication and synchronization

Capturing web events via Interaction Designer

Discover the possibilities of Activation Studio

If you want to experience Activation Studio, book our demo or try our interactive demo. 

Want to see Activation Studio in action?