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We don’t only offer a Free Trial

Companies using Marketing Cloud can apply to have a Proof Of Concept (POC) implemented by our team


  • Free Trial: we install, basic setup and configuration (always available)
  • POC: we install, scope requirements, configure to requirements, present results (on application)

With the POC, we guide you in the evaluation process, so that you can see for yourself how Activation Studio can help you in getting better results with Marketing Cloud 

What is the investment the Customer makes?

It’s a 4 hour investment. 2 hours for the initial workshow, and 2 hours for evaluating the POC results. All the rest of the work is done by the Activation Studio’s team. Reach out to discuss the possibilities.

Why do we offer this incredible opportunity?

By analyzing historical data, we saw that in 95% of the cases where a customer implemented a POC with us, they decided to purchase the solution. Although there is no commitment to buy, when experiencing the positive impact of our platform and evaluating the affordable cost, customers decide to continue working with us.

This POC implementation has become our best marketing strategy.

How does this process work?

  1. Two hour workshop → our Marketing Cloud experts analyze with your team areas of opportunities for Marketing Cloud that Activation Studio can accelerate. 
  2. Activation Studio installation (by Activation Studio) → we install Activation Studio for your company (no commitment to buy after the POC)
  3. POC customization implementation (by Activation Studio) → we work on the Activation Studio installation to customize it to your needs. Whether it is about no-code segmentation, webtracking, scoring or a combination of the previous functionalities, we make sure that you have all the elements to evaluate the impact of Activation Studio for your Marketing Cloud project
  4. Two hours POC Results presentation → we meet with your team again to show you the results. 

After seeing the results, you are free to decide whether to continue or not (no commitment to buy).

Request a POC

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Our pricing model is based on BU's. You can start with one and always upgrade. We have pricing tiers for multiple BU's.

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