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Lead management

Lead management with Activation Studio

Our Score Designer does facilitate lead management in Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Nevertheless, what is lead management exactly? 

  • Data Designer & Data Extension Integration
  • User Friendly Drag & Drop Segmentation
  • Save Time &
    launch Journeys in half the time
  • Lead Scoring Rules, Web Tracking & More
  • No-Code add-on Salesforce Marketing Cloud

To create an efficient lead management workflow scoring rules are very effective. When incoming prospects and leads have appropriate scores, a sales representative can start working on leads with the highest probability of closing. 

Activation Studio offers the Score Designer which can offer the above. Activation Studio has access to all data available within the Data Designer including the Sales or Service Cloud connector data, the system data views (open, click and bounce metrics for example) and the Interaction Designer data view. The last data view includes all captures web events collected via our tracking mechanism.

Salesforce marketing cloud lead management

Lead management software

There are a lot of lead management software solutions available. Salesforce Sales Cloud is one of the most powerful lead management solutions out there. Salesforce offers a B2B solutions called Pardot offering scoring rules and tags out of the box. Salesforce Marketing Cloud doesn’t offer these capabilities out of the box.

The question Pardot vs Marketing Cloud is a ver common one. The simple answer is that Pardot is very user friendly B2B focused marketing automation solution. Pardot doesn’t offer a lot customization however. Marketing Cloud does, but has a steeper learning curve since it offers more functionality and is highly customizable. 

Activation Studio offers the Score Designer to offer lead scoring and tagging capabilities for marketers working with Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Including scoring rules, scoring tags and a individual lead overview.

Scores created via the Score Designer are made available within the Segment Designer. Campaigns or nurture programs can be created based on the average scores or the tags connected to individual subscribers.

Lead Management and scoring with Activation Studio

Salesforce lead scoring

Most sales representatives and account managers work within the Sales Cloud instance. Usually marketers work within Salesforce Marketing Cloud and spent a lot of time generating leads (MQL). After generating a lead these leads are shared with the sales team. Without context and lead scores following up on these leads can be difficult and time consuming.

The Sore Designer offers the possibility to setup lead scoring rules and calculate the intent of the leads based on any data available within the Marketing Cloud. A score can be shared with the sales team. With this score they can determine which leads to follow up first based on the intent or phase of the customer cycle they are in.

Lead management system

Leads management salesforce will increase visibility into leads and prospects your sales team is working on. And significantly decrease the amount of time you spend on sales opportunities and digging through incomplete, barely legible opportunities.

Activation Studio offers a flexible and complete lead management system that integrates seamlessly with Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Score Designer not only works for B2B companies but also for retail, travel or other B2C companies. Scores can be utilized to calculate the intent of potential customers and visualize the customer funnel.Want to read more about lead conversion? Then click on the link and view our page.

Score designer

Activation Studio consists out of the Segment, Interaction and Score Designer. The Score Designer offers companies the possibility to setup Scoring Rules based on any data available within the Marketing Cloud of Salesforce. 

Use Score Designer to visualize the intent of every individual subscriber and/or lead, track consumer behavior. Create Scoring Tags to create clusters or visualize your buyer funnel. Use scores and tags to create segment via Segment Designer and start activating them within Marketing Cloud or create nurture programs to keep leads warm and engaged.

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