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Activation Studio for Nonprofit

Boost Marketing Cloud efficiency for Nonprofit organizations

Activation Studio for Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a solution that offers an improved workflow in SFMC. Deliver personalized content to potential donors and existing donors. Increase donor engagement and reactivate ‘stale’ donors.

Available through (USA):
  • Combine CRM, SFMC and web data
  • User Friendly Drag & Drop Segmentation
  • Nonprofit discounts available
  • Qualification and prioritization of Donors
  • Identifying active and stale donors
  • Increase donations

    Use CRM, SFMC and web data to create audiences
    • Utilize all data within Salesforce Marketing Cloud Engagement and combine web interactions to create segments
    • Engage donors who haven’t yet donated this year, but normally have a high average donation
  • Know your donors

    Qualification & Prioritization of Donors
    • A Nonprofit wants to have the ability to qualify and prioritize donors, in an automated way, to give the Marketing Department the possibility of identifying the most engaged donors, and send each donor the right content at the right time.
    • Prioritization metrics and tags based on an donor’s journey and behavior on the website
  • Segment and personalize

    Drag and Drop segmentation and personalization
    • Marketing will get digital behavioral data in Marketing Cloud, with the possibility of using this kind of data to personalize campaigns. 
    • More importantly, Activation Studio provides a drag and drop interface to segment Marketing Cloud campaigns.
      • Marketing can differentiate communications to donors who have donated, from communications to donors who still haven’t donated this year
      • Personalize marketing campaign journeys according to donor profiles

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