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Activation Studio for Manufacturing

Boost Marketing Cloud efficiency for Manufacturing

Activation Studio for Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a certified solution built on top of Salesforce Marketing Cloud for no-code segmentation, lead tracking and scoring

Bring essential B2B functionalities to your Salesforce Marketing Cloud to boost user adoption and productivity

Available through:
  • User Friendly Drag & Drop Segmentation
  • Marketing-Sales Alignment
  • Lead and account website tracking and sales alerts
  • Lead and account qualification and prioritization
  • Sales insights and intelligence

Lead management and audience segmentation play pivotal roles in the success of businesses across various industries, and the manufacturing sector is no exception. These strategies are crucial for streamlining marketing efforts, optimising sales processes, and ultimately enhancing customer satisfaction in the highly competitive manufacturing landscape.

Lead management and audience segmentation are indispensable tools for manufacturers seeking to navigate a dynamic and competitive market. These strategies enable businesses to streamline their sales processes, build meaningful relationships with customers, and adapt their approaches to the unique needs of diverse audience segments.

  • Marketing-Sales Alignment

    Unity is strength
    • Help marketing and sales to work together as a team

    • Salesforce Sales Cloud and Service Cloud integration

    • Prioritize lists of leads, accounts, contacts, opportunities within Salesforce CRM

    • Identifying upsell opportunities for customers

  • Tracking and Alerts

    Understand, capture and activate digital behavior
    • Capture web events and activate them within Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Salesforce CRM

    • Collect interactions and behavior per subscriber and engage them within Activation Studio in a relevant and timely manner

    • Google Tag Manager integration, for importing and exporting tags with a click of the mouse

    • Use digital interactions and tags for segmentation and/or scoring, and within Salesforce CRM

  • Qualify and prioritize

    For leads, prospects and accounts
    • Flexibility and ease of use: no-code scoring engine

    • Create multiple scoring rules and tags within Salesforce Marketing Cloud

    • Different scores per team or sub-brand, per country, per product line, et cetera

    • Calculate scores per subscriber and engage them within Activation Studio Score Designer in a relevant and timely manner

  • Sales insights

    Intelligent reporting in MC and CRM
    • Compliant with GDPR, CCPA and any privacy regulation

    • Your sales team can see the digital behavior of leads, prospects and customers

    • Know what they are looking for before engaging with them

    • Help your sales team to be more effective and efficient in their relationship with prospects and customers

  • Seamless integration with SFMC

  • All data stays safely in SFMC

  • ISO27001 certified & security reviewed external party

  • Available through Carahsoft

  • Free trial available

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Do you work in B2B Manufacturing? Do you use Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

Then, book a demo with our team and see for yourself why Activation Studio is used by industry leaders


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