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Activation Studio for HLS

Boost Marketing Cloud efficiency for Healthcare & Life Sciences

Activation Studio for Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a certified solution built on top of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, compliant with HIPAA data security requirements

Increase Marketing Cloud user adoption and productivity with Activation Studio

  • HIPAA Compliant
  • User Friendly Drag & Drop Segmentation
  • Identify and track digital behavior
  • Qualify and prioritize leads and prospects
  • Marketing-Sales Alignment

Activation Studio delivers real control and visibility of the end-to-end leads process across your Healthcare and Life Sciences products and services, delivering lead scoring, web tracking and segmentation.

Within Healthcare, Activation Studio helps you discover the individual beyond the patient by gaining a comprehensive perspective on their needs, interests and requirements. You can expedite acquisition, enrollment, service, and innovation, by tracking your patients interests on your website, and segmenting them allowing for personalised content delivery. This enables your team to concentrate on the essential aspects: the well-being of patients and members.

Tailored to meet the distinctive and dynamic requirements of the life sciences sector, Activation Studio for Life Sciences is designed to empower medical device and pharmaceutical companies. It enables your organization to gain comprehensive visibility into your lead management process, implement effective audience segmentation for accelerated product market entry, transform valuable data into actionable insights, and bring about a revolutionary impact on patient care.

  • User Friendly

    Drag & Drop Segmentation
    • No need to write SQL for audience segmentation, Activation Studio makes it easy for your Marketing Cloud team to execute campaigns

    • Data Designer & Data Extension Integration

    • Send the right message, to the right person, at the right time

    • Compliant with HIPAA, and also with GDPR, CCPA and any privacy regulation
  • Identify and track

    Understand and capture digital behavior
    • Capture web events and activate them within Salesforce Marketing Cloud

    • Collect interactions and behavior per subscriber and engage them within Activation Studio in a relevant and timely manner

    • Google Tag Manager integration, for importing and exporting tags with a click of the mouse

    • Use digital interactions and tags for segmentation and/or scoring

  • Qualify and prioritize

    For leads, prospects and accounts
    • Flexibility and ease of use: no-code scoring engine

    • Create multiple scoring rules and tags within Salesforce Marketing Cloud

    • Different scores per team or sub-brand, per country, per product line, et cetera

    • Calculate scores per subscriber and engage them within Activation Studio Score Designer in a relevant and timely manner

  • Marketing-Sales Alignment

    Unity is strenght
    • Salesforce Sales Cloud and Service Cloud integration

    • Prioritize lists of leads, accounts, contacts, opportunities within Salesforce CRM

    • Identifying upsell opportunities for customers

    • Sales Insights and Intelligence within Salesforce CRM

ISO27001 certified
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