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Activation Studio for Community Colleges

Boost Marketing Cloud efficiency for Community Colleges

Activation Studio for Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a solution that delivers personalized content to potential students and donors, to increase donor engagement and supporting students through their course selection journey.

Available through:
  • Identifying fake student applications
  • User Friendly Drag & Drop Segmentation
  • Identifying when real applications are submitted
  • Qualification and prioritization of Student applications
  • Identifying active donors
  • Fake applications

    Flag applications based on digital journeys
    • Fake Applications are being made, wasting the personnel’s time and resources.
    • The marketing department has no way of knowing what applications are real, and what are fake.
    • This piece of information is useful for reporting reasons, but also for planning and managing more successful and better targeted marketing campaigns (ex. don’t waste marketing budget on fake applicants).
      • Activation Studio can flag fake applications based on the digital journey – for example if an applicant lands on the application page and no other
      • All data sits in Salesforce Marketing Cloud, never leaving the platform
  • Know your students

    Qualification & Prioritization of Applicants
    • A Community College wants to have the ability to qualify and prioritize Applicants, in an automated way, to give the Marketing Department the possibility of identifying the most suitable students, and send each student the right content at the right time.
      • The College can create prioritization metrics and tags based on an Applicant’s journey and behaviour on the website
      • These prioritization metrics and tags are then used to create a profile of the applicant, so that marketing communication can be more targeted, interesting for the students, and effective
  • Segment and personalize

    Drag and Drop segmentation and personalization
    • Marketing will get digital behavioral data in Marketing Cloud, with the possibility of using this kind of data to personalize campaigns. 
    • More importantly, Activation Studio provides a drag and drop interface to segment Marketing Cloud campaigns.
      • Marketing can differentiate communications to students who have applied, from communications to students who still need to complete their applications
      • Personalise marketing campaign journeys according to students profiles (ex. which course they applied to, and when)
  • Identify and Engage

    Engage more and get more donations
    • The Community College wants to have the ability to qualify and prioritize Donors. This can be used by the Fundraising department to focus their efforts on the right people.
      • The College can create scores and tags based on a Donor’s journeys and behaviour on the website
      • These scores and tags are then used to create a profile of the donor
      • Drag and drop segmentation applicable to donors as well
  • Seamless integration with SFMC

  • All data stays safely in SFMC

  • ISO27001 certified & security reviewed external party

  • Available through Carahsoft

  • Free trial available

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