Boost efficiency of Salesforce Marketing Cloud with Activation Studio

Increase speed to market

Activation Studio is a lightweight CDP for Salesforce Marketing Cloud solution aimed at marketers. Create segments via our drag and drop designer (No SQL) and activate them in Journey Builder. Use scoring rules and track web behavior in one application. 

Boost your efficiency now!

  • Data Designer
    integration incl
    all Attribute Groups
  • Efficient Workflow
    from segment
    to Journey
  • Increase speed
    to market
  • Lead scoring
    rules & tags
  • No-Code


Save valuable time creating segments

We all know Marketing Cloud is missing an easy way to create complex segments. If you know SQL, you are golden, but most marketers struggle on this subject. 

The Segment Designer offers a visual drag ‘n drop interface to create segments for your journeys. Save them as a draft or easily automate them.


Score leads or intent

Lead scoring has never been part of Marketing Cloud. Maybe if you would create complex queries. Until now.

With Score Designer you can easily create scoring rules and scoring categories based on any data in Marketing Cloud. These are calculated per subscriber and give each subscriber an aggregated score and connect this to the tier. Tiers can also be customized.


Use web behavior to create journeys

Tracking intent is not an out-of-the box functionality Marketing Cloud offers. Include web behavior and start creating high potential segments for your journeys.

Define interaction types and start tracking video views, downloads, form abandonment, etc and start defining journeys to follow-up these interactions. All interactions can be combined within the Segment Designer.

Clients working with Activation Studio

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